Annual Report 2023 

Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Bern

Letter to our stakeholders

The Wyss Academy’s aim is to find innovative solutions to the pressing challenges of our time – and to continuously develop and improve them. In 2023, we achieved a great deal in this regard.

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Milestones in 2023


Making a difference 

Our contributions to the fields of climate, biodiversity and land use can now be observed in the form of numerous publications, active projects and coalitions for change.

We conducted 131 outreach and engagement activities over the past year, while our social media audience grew by 47% - reaching 8’300 followers.


Active projects


Incubator projects in 8 Living Labs

Contributed to

Peer-reviewed publications

Tag House / Wyss Academy

Topic of the year: Economic approaches to change

What does economic activity that considers the needs of nature and people look like? We show examples from our ongoing initiatives.

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Our Competence Centers in 2023

research and innovation

Research & Innovation

Community members in action: Installing soil moisture and temperature probes | Photo Marcel Wälti

Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Policy Outreach & Synthesis

Policy Outreach & Synthesis

Management Center

Management Center

Our Hubs


Ongoing Hub Activities

Travelling by water along the Amazon Nut Route, Puerto Maldonado, Peru. | Photo: Natalia Peralta

Travelling by water on Lake Yacumama, Puerto Maldonado, Peru. | Photo: Natalia Peralta

About us

The Wyss Academy for Nature offers a new approach to pressing issues at the intersection of climate change, biodiversity loss and land use change, as well as their implications for human wellbeing and inequality. We seek to overcome the growing gap between understanding the problems and implementing concrete action.


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Our Vision

Financial Report

Our annual accounts show how our funding is transformed into projects with tangible outputs.

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Implementation Report

We use an evidence-based monitoring and evaluation plan to assess our projects’ progress, achievements, setbacks, and outcomes.

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