Milestones 2022

In 2022, the Wyss Academy established the hub offices and teams in South America and East Africa, achieved its first symposium, expanded research capabilities, and completed the setup of global functions.


Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation teams established around four professorships

To generate innovations and systemically test solutions in the field, four Research & Innovation teams were established in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, land systems, and political economy. Two additional teams on Governance and ICT for Nature are to be recruited in 2023.

Regional activities

Hubs in Peru and Kenya are fully staffed and engaged in local activities

The hub offices in Peru and Kenya are fully operational and staffed with amazing teams of professionals who bring in a diverse range of competencies and experiences. The portfolio of incubator activities that stem from a deep engagement in our solutionscapes is constantly growing. Moreover, the Wyss Academy interdisciplinary research teams are on site, addressing urgent challenges.


Madagascar is included in the Hub East Africa

Based on established partnerships with various local and international actors, a new solutionscape of the Hub East Africa was launched in northeastern Madagascar. This remote region near the Masoala National Park is known for its extraordinary biodiversity. But nature here is under pressure because smallholder farmers lost access to land. By involving a broad range of stakeholders, a basic systemic understanding and a joint strategy were developed. They served as basis for first projects, which have already been launched.

Wyss Academy Symposium

First symposium connects society, science, and business to bring knowledge into action

To effectively address nature–people challenges, the first Wyss Academy Symposium provided a safe space for researchers, youth, changemakers, civil society representatives, and businesses to build a shared understanding of key system dynamics. Concrete ideas were developed to address challenges the Wyss Academy faces in different regions. The event’s experimental format will be further developed, and learnings will help us shape the Wyss Academy Dialogues with Purpose around the topic of “The True Value of Forest”, planned for 2023–2024.

Reinforced structure

Adaptive organization and additional support established

Organized in role-based structures with flat hierarchies, we pursued our strategic objective of becoming a role model in governance and operations and further developed and adapted our operational setup. Prominent additions in 2022 were the functions of Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation and Organizational Development.